How to recognize a fraudulent employer?

When looking for a job, it is important to be careful: under the guise of employers, fraudsters can hide, parasitizing the inexperience of job seekers. We will tell you what phrases in a job advertisement should alert and make you check the company you want to get a job.

“Large international company”

Dishonest the employer does not write the name of the company, instead of using euphemisms like “fast-growing business”, “defense enterprise”, “A branch of a foreign corporation”. Such a move, like any avoidance of specifics, is a reason to be wary.

Really existing companies always openly write the name in the announcement of the search for employees – this makes it possible to inquire about the company, to understand if it is close bankruptcy and whether criminal cases have been initiated against its founders.

“Office work, 200 dollars/hour”

Fraudsters often attract applicants with fake salaries. The salary is promised to be much higher than the market, while no official duties are named. Sometimes crooks indicate a sphere that is traditionally associated with big earnings – the oil industry, IT, the banking industry.

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Really existing companies always indicate the requirements and necessary competencies for any position – from drivers to top managers.

“Income depends only on you”

A phrase often found in pyramid schemes or network marketing firms. People of all ages are recruited to work – from students to retirees. You need to work “from two hours a day,” the employer claims that “income will depend only on you.”

To “start earning”, the applicant is asked to deposit several thousand rubles, buy goods produced by the company, or undergo training at his own expense. Real employers never take money for employment in any form.

“Work for couriers”

Criminals invite couriers to work for the delivery of small packets of mysterious, expensive contents. Under the guise of jewelry or phones, illicit substances are handed over to couriers – for their distribution, you can get from two to eight years in prison.

It is almost impossible to prove to the police that you have become part of a criminal chain unknowingly. Check with your employer in advance – get a job only in official stores, restaurants, and services. If it seems to you that the “manager” is trying to transfer a suspicious order, ask to open the package and show the contents or contact the police.

“Driver for the civil service”

The drivers are promised a decent salary, a high pension, and sometimes other benefits. Candidates are offered a short telephone interview.

After five to ten minutes, the employer says that he is taking you to work and asks to transfer some money to a bank account or phone number, ostensibly to obtain a work pass. They offer to pick up the document at the working office, but there are no institutions or organizations at the named address.

“Call us at a short number”

The employer promises good working conditions – high income, leadership position, convenient schedule. All those who are interested are asked to call an unusually short number – the connection turns out to be paid, from the account of the subscriber, from several hundred to a thousand are debited.

Instead of making calls, cybercriminals can use a fan mailing of SMS messages: the scammers write that they are interested in your candidacy, and ask to call them back, after which they charge money for the connection.

“Follow the link and fill out the form”

Such calls are most often placed in clickable vacancies – “we are looking for someone who will like photos for 100,000 a month “,” I need a chocolate taster, salary 75,000 “. At the end of the description of the position, the employer asks to follow the link or fill out a form: in the first case, you are taken to a phishing site, where scammers earn money by attracting traffic, in the second, your data is resold for unclear purposes.

As a rule, honest employers do not ask you to click on external links unless it is the company’s website.

“For an interview take your passport “

The employer does not have the right to demand passport data from the applicant at the stage of the interview – only during official employment. If during an interview you are asked to provide personal information in addition to your resume, most likely you are dealing with scammers.

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Previously, crooks used passport data to obtain loans in microcredit organizations, now they can be sold for any other purpose.

Passport can only be asked at the entrance of the business center to issue a temporary pass.

“Work abroad”

The announcement does not indicate the name of the company, and the competencies are blurred – “pickers in Belgium”, “Tilers to Poland”, “model girls to Dubai”. Applicants are asked to pay the costs, assured that they will be reimbursed upon arrival. As soon as the fraudsters receive funds, correspondence and calls are stopped.


Fraudsters offer to take part in the filming of a new TV series or feature film. The applicant is asked to send a free-form questionnaire with a photograph, after which it turns out that the casting director really likes this type and he wants to offer him shooting in a film.

To start an actor’s career, you need to make a portfolio – a studio photographer can do it for a “nominal fee”. The company also says that no other pictures will work. After the applicant pays the “photographer’s fee,” the employer disappears.

“We pay in bitcoins, transfer to an account in our own payment system”

Sometimes scammers offer to pay for work in a rare or unknown currency – bitcoins or litecoins, dash or ethereum. Companies operating legally do not pay salaries in cryptocurrency.

The second option is to pay through unfamiliar wallets and intermediary services. If you work remotely, agree to accept money only on your card, e-wallets, or current accounts.

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