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How to change a salary card?

You can change the payroll bank at any time – employees have long been allowed to choose where the employer will transfer their salaries.

We tell you how to change the payroll bank and what to do if the employer refuses to do so under any pretext.

Background and legal basis

It is impossible to forcibly issue salaries to the card of a particular bank – in 2019 was adopted a corresponding law. Today, you can receive a salary in cash at the place of work or by crediting to a card of any bank of the employee’s choice.

The so-called “salary slavery” – a situation when the employer chose the salary bank – began to fight back in the 2014 year. Then the companies themselves determined the financial organizations and the conditions for issuing funds. Often it turned out that money had to be withdrawn from inconveniently located ATMs, high interest was charged for cash, and a high commission was charged for transfers between accounts.

Then the law changed – salaries were transferred to the “credit institution specified in the application employee “in all cases when federal law or employment contract does not provide otherwise. Companies that tried to challenge the employee’s request to transfer funds to a bank convenient for him or pay in another preferred way began to lose in court.

How to start receiving a salary on your card?

Fifteen days before the advance payment or salary, you need to write an application addressed to the employer – in it, you must indicate the preferred method of receiving salaries. If you are late, the money will be sent to the old requisites.

If, for example, after a month it turns out that another bank has a more favorable tariff, you can change the payment details again. If in any month you want to receive a salary in cash – just write and submit the appropriate application on time.

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Sometimes the employer gives the employee a ready-made card – he says that this is a “corporate bank” and the company works only with him. If you do not like the tariff, the application of the bank, or the number of ATMs in the city, you can refuse the card by replacing it with another.

You can change the bank even if you work in a budgetary organization. If according to the law, the salary must come to the Mir card, just choose a bank that works with this payment system.

The employer does not agree to change the salary bank

This is illegal. If an organization refuses to transfer money to your bank and tries to impose its own, the legal entity will be fined up to 100,000, and the director of the company – 30,000.

Companies know the law and rarely refuse to transfer money directly – most often the employer agrees to transfer the money to your bank but warns that he will withhold the transfer fee. You cannot do this: the bank will withdraw the commission, if any, from your account, and the employer must pay for services and operations on the employer’s account.

The salary card is inconvenient, but I’m shy to say about it

Let’s say you don’t want to puzzle the accounting department or have heard from colleagues that the salary bank is being changed “with a scratch.”

If the accountant refuses you, do not rush to refer to the law and threaten court – try to politely substantiate your request. For example, a new bank returns part of the money spent in the form of a cashback, with its card it is more convenient for you to pay at gas stations or there are several ATMs near your house at once.

Instead of a closed question “Can I receive a salary on my card?”, ask open – “How can I receive a salary on the card of another bank?”. Listen carefully to your colleague, and if the conversation reaches a dead end, go to your immediate supervisor.

Do not argue or conflict – the law is on your side, but remind of it only if necessary, when rational dialogue stops working.

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