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Chances are you’re about to get fired

Sudden dismissal is rare – usually, it is preceded by alarm bells, which are not always recognizable. We will tell you how to understand that the company is preparing to get rid of you, and what to do if this happens.

Your information flow was blocked

This applies to offline and online events: you are no longer invited to meetings of departments, removed from the corporate mailing list, you are not invited to thematic communities and professional meetings.

If you are working on a large project in which different departments are involved, you are given a small part of the job and do not show the whole workflow. The statuses of your tasks do not change for weeks, and messages in the chats are ignored.

Important issues are resolved without you

The exit from the usual vertical can be upward or downward: in the first case, subordinates pass you by directly addressing their superior superiors, in the second your position in the company is ignored by the leader.

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This usually happens if the corporate value of a specialist has greatly decreased or it has become difficult to interact with him – due to conflicts or insufficiently developed soft skills.

Fewer tasks

A sharp change in the volume of work is another wake-up call. Management can reduce the number of projects in which you are involved, especially if your salary depends on it – say, if you receive a percentage of the deal.

The opposite scenario is that the amount of work increases unbearably, while the salary does not change. Perhaps the employer does not want to violate the law and forces you to resign of your own free will.

More reports

If the manager began to require you to account for each step, ask why this is happening. This may be due to the transition to a new time tracking system and affect all employees – there is a possibility that the company is trying to find out the real performance of the department before possible increases or reductions.

If detailed reports are required only from you, most likely, the manager is unhappy with your work – he thinks that you are messing around or working carelessly.

The structure of the company is changing

The easiest way is to disguise the dismissal of an employee as “optimization” or other changes in the management vertical. This is how your manager disclaims responsibility by shifting it to “higher authorities”, “business rules” or “crisis”.

Offer to go on vacation or demotion

The manager may suggest that you take a break to understand how important you are in the company. If there are no paid vacation days left, you will have to walk at your own expense.

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If it turns out that with your departure the processes have not fundamentally changed, most likely you will be fired. Another option is a demotion. In both cases, the management does not want to see you at your current workplace.

Personal dislike

Personal relationships in the team can change along with work. Colleagues can behave distantly, not invite you for a coffee break or a smoke break.

This happens, for example, when rumors about your upcoming dismissal reached someone – the team avoids those from whom it wants to get rid of the company so as not to get “hot hand”.

It seems that my career is in jeopardy. What to do?

If workflows begin to change against you, go to your immediate supervisor and initiate an honest conversation yourself. Ask if a staff reshuffle threatens your employment and why you were not notified about the meeting.

If the company has made a firm decision to get rid of you, such a conversation will not help to stay in the service, but it will be a starting point in looking for a new job.

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